Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Little Man

Why did the cat cross the road? To climb the tree.
Why did the chicken cross the road? To rescue the elephant.
Why did Layla cross the road? To marry Sprout.

I've been hearing takes on these jokes all week long. KJ started them and now Z has chimed in...So I spend every evening trying to guess the next hysterical answer to send them rolling in laughter. I'm so glad I have happy children.

We had KJ's assessment results back today and yes, he has adhd. Just like his big sister. Just like I knew. He scores way above average on verbal and as a very smart child, but it seems his impulsivity gets in the way. He completes his work, faster than anyone else, but not in the order it needs to be done. Then, once finished he wanders around and distracts his friends who work more slowly. His other challenge is in processing speed...So it's not that he doesn't know it, and he can get it faster than most verbally, but when dealing with reading and writing it he falls below his grade level. So we'll meet with the pediatrician to discuss meds and work with the school on different ways to help him learn the info and hopefully he'll be all caught up by the end of summer school in the subjects of reading and writing. Say a prayer for him and cross your fingers!

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