Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Way worse than Easter Grass!

Most of you know I went into anaphylaxis on Thursday and was admitted to the ER, but this is what happened before I got home...Chantal was going to visit her Pop-Pop and decided to take Layla along for a "play-date" with his dogs Rosie & Rachel. The dogs have been so good and not crated lately so she left Sprout home, loose. He really wanted to go. He did not want to be home all alone. He was sad. And mad. And he found "Buddy" for comfort. Buddy is one of those micro-bead pillows that is in the shape of a person and Janice had loaned KJ to sleep with. KJ left it in my bed.
Sprout bit Buddy. It was sad. Janice came home and found the carnage along with a sad Sprout. She texted me to warn me before I got home and when I pulled up she was sitting on the front porch with a beer and a cigarette, her head in her hands and Sprout inside the fence crying to me.
She was covered in what looked like snow and said I didn't want to go in. I looked around and sighed. Then asked about the vacuum...You see I wash the vacuum filter and placed it on the sink to dry and distinctly remember telling everyone where it was...I even purposely did not put the vac back together so that they would not try to use it without a filter...Seeing the "snow" J wasn't thinking and couldn't figure out why the vac wouldn't go back together...Her solution was duct tape, which didn't work and only managed to suck up the "snow" and shoot it into the air! To truly appreciate this (and I hope you are dying from laughter now) let me tell you that the family has worked to remove this stuff from the walls, the bed, inside my drawers, behind the doors, and even under the living room rug...We're vacuuming daily and hoping to remove the stuff someday.
Meanwhile, Sprout will never be left alone uncrated again without his girl Layla there!
Anyway, more on me...I was going into shock while all this happened - from the Novocain, not the bad dog...I lost my vision and got very confused (couldn't say what was wrong really or direct folks to my epi-pen - I was VERY lucky Chantal was home), I turned bright red and swelled up like a balloon. Chantal found my pen and called my Mom and we got me to the ER. They put me on IV and gave me a big old cocktail of drugs and kept me for about 5 or 6 hours I think. I went to the Dr Friday and am on steroids and anti-histamines and still recovering. I go back to the Dr again tomorrow for more tests and will re-visit my meds and getting back on allergy shots. I'm still weak and dizzy and the reaction seems to be moving around my body at this point, but I'm ok as long as I stay quiet...Needless to say life is precious...I'll be working harder to keep mine! :)

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