Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wait, that's not what I planned!

Today Layla had a vet appt. No biggie. Chantal was going to take her so I had no worries and took my time leaving work...Then she called and said she hadn't finished a school project and I'd have to do it. OK. So I race to pick up my happy little ones an inform them that we get to go to the vet today (notice the wording) and that if they are well behaved we'll go to McDonald's too. Good plan and takes the load of dinner off since we'll get home late and sill have home work.
We arrived at home where I was to run in and out grabbing Layla in the process. But Sprout pooed in he house. He never does that. So my children came in to see why I was taking so long. Normally I'd take both dogs but crated Sprout, grabbed Layla and shooed my children back to the car. The wailing and crying that ensued (from Sprout, not the kids) was just awful and undoubtedly heard by the neighbors who must have believed he was in critical pain
We managed to arrive at the vet's 5 minutes early. Th lobby was crowded. There are about seats for 4 folks all side by side, but there were 4 people waiting - 3 dogs and a cat - Layla didn't like them and 3 of us with her. I was encouraged to find coloring/game books in the lobby and set the 2 little ones to work on that after they overfed Layla on treats. While getting Z settled to read the book to her, since she lost interest n coloring with a pen Layla pooped on the floor. I asked for supplies to clean it up (Chantal assured me upon my eventual return home that she had not eaten her dinner and had been potty.) While I cleaned up dog poop as clients came in and out collecting their dogs KJ broke his necklace with 8 bajillion small pieces of coral on it. Z was helping pick them up one by one when I made the mistake of requesting a broom for KJ to use. He got a bit distracted from seeping and when he galloped across the lobby on the broom he lost his sweeping privileges. He then decided to "body slam" his sister because it's fun. He did it gently but still did it. When I turned my back to fin out why we were still waiting he turned her upside down in the air. I was not overly pleased.
We did finally get a room - perhaps they just wanted us out of the lobby. We waited there. KJ & Z were disappointed they couldn't' go with Layla to get weighed. Once he came back with general questions the kids found a model of dog teeth. The fact that they were playing with them wasn't nearly as bad as when the vet came in KJ "bit" his sister with them. I put him in a chair, her on the dog examining table, stuck a nubby in her mouth (Yes, we're still on that and I had one because she snuck it in and I took it away in the lobby) and tried to bravely continue on...None of this even accounts for the multiple potty trips or the tears that appeared when I confirmed we would not go to McDonalds.
The saga continued at home...I made the "wrong" dinner, am sending all the candy in the house to the teacher because it's on her wish list and KJ tried out refusing to do his homework. That didn't go over well either.
The evening is over, they are asleep, looking quite angelic I might add, and may we all have a better day tomorrow.


  1. this is the absloutley funniest one yet and it sounds like something my two would do at that age

  2. Life is definitely interesting, sounds like a long night and I bet by the end of it you were covered in dog hair and slime. At least that's how I always come out of the vet's office...

  3. whoa lily.....that's a wild evening for ya! Hope this evening is a little better. At least you can look back and laugh!