Monday, March 10, 2008

Let the good times roll...

What a nice weekend. I got to go out to eat at Outback Friday, laid around the house and went shopping - even running into an old friend at Mongrel and got a bunch of stuff done on Sunday. It was good to see Jon. Kirt used to train him and he was my friend and hairdresser. He's had some hard times and wasn't being very good to himself when we were last in touch. No he looks great, has gone vegetarian and is running marathons! I'm so happy for him.
The winds tore down part of the fence...The section damaged was on my to-do list to fix anyway good news is that the dog didn't run off even though they found it first. Janice and I spent Saturday morning putting up fence boards. The cool part for me in this is that it tore down 1 of my 2 back neighbors fence completely - sucks for him, but he avoided it falling on his cars (a blessing by itself) and offered us his fence panel to repair my section backing up to his next door neighbor. Cool beans.
This work along with the Rebuilding Together project I'm on got me motivated to make up a list of all the work I want to accomplish on my own house this year...I got a good quote and am getting a new roof next week! Yay - who knew I'd ever be excited over a roof, but I can't wait! I also learned how to re-screen windows and fixed a torn screen (with J's help) and I replaced and painted the door leading under my house. The one I had was painted fuchsia and rotting away and I got splash guards out front down...These were all little things but 4 things on my list nonetheless and the roof is a huge win!
The deck is next...You may remember I stained my deck light blue last year after installing my "picket fence" deck rails and painting them white. I was SOOOOOO disappointed with the performance. All the waterproofing stain has worn off and it looks horrible! I'm going to sand off whats left and go back to transparent waterproofing stain. Make a mental note: you don't want that stuff.
And a new lawnmower was not on the list. I got one last summer and the carburetor is shot already. Of course I don't have the warranty info so I'm unhappy over that. Options include rolling the dice and fixing it and then it could last (or not) or buying a new one...I've checked my options and since I can't drop a rand on the very cool robotic lawn mower that would take care of the work without me I'm going to get a rechargeable battery operated one...I imagine many of you think this is kinda nutty but it gets rave reviews and is basically sold out everywhere...It's the Bully brand and can cut 1/3 acre on one charge. Any one of you likely remember the fiasco I went through getting a lawnmower last year, (if not it's worth the trouble to find it in the archives I think) so I'll let you know how this one works out! ;)

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  1. you have as much work to do around the house as we do!