Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Did you know sharks are afraid of cats?

I didn't. KJ asked me this question and then explained to me as he had reasoned out, they are afraid. Sharks are fish. Cats eat fish and hence the sharks are afraid of cats. I'd really like to see Lola's reaction if she came across one.

And just last week, needing a shower one cold morning, I asked Z to get up and get dressed. When I returned from the shower I found her laid up on 2 pillows with her hands clasped behind her head, in the middle of my king-sized bed watching the news...Keep in mind, she's only 4. When I asked her what in the world she was still doing in bed - KJ was dressed, C had left for school, and Janice was on her way out the door - she replied..."I'm relaxing." Only my youngest could lay back and calmly watch a storm of activity unfold before her eyes without flinching. She didn't appreciate it when I made her get up.

And you know Sprout had surgery...Well, his stitches are out, his incision is healed and he is back to entertaining himself as only he can...doing bunny hops all over the living room while flinging his bones through the air and trying (and failing) to catch them. hope no one loses an eye. We had my mom's dog, Rossie, over for a play date and they all had a ball running and chasing each other all over the yard. Layla found a bone and engaged the boys in a chase/hide and seek game. It was so funny. You wouldn't think a 35lb brown and black dog could hide well in a huge, wide-open yard...but she used the deck to her advantage.

And I told you spring was here...Some of the signs I've seen in the last week include
My tulips are up and budding

I have new growth on the roses

The onion grass and dandelions are doing wonderfully (sigh)

Birds fill the trees in our neighborhood and we saw a flock of geese overhead

Doves are back and perching on the roof

The heat has been off and the windows opened

Runny noses have started at our house

The children and animals all want to be outdoors everyday

And I'm tired and waking earlier...come on daylight savings!

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