Monday, February 4, 2008

What a weekend

Z is feeling better, thankfully and Sprout is doing better than I had even hoped. He did react to his meds though and was covered head to toe with hives this morning. I doped him up on Benadryl and called the vet. We'll switch pain meds and hopefully he'll continue on the road to full health.
The weather sure was beautiful. I sat out on the front porch drinking coffee and reading the paper watching KJ do tricks. He skateboarded and biked all morning. Yesterday we ran races in the backyard. Man I need to go to the gym! We had a good time though and somehow managed not to fall over Layla who was sooooo excited and ran with us the whole time.
We watched the game at my parents and had a great time until we left at halftime. I was so glad to see the Pats score and thought for sure they'd won, but alas it was not to be. The 4th quarter was amazing no matter who you were rooting for.
And I qualified to take my PMP exam! This is great news. I'll be testing at the end of this month...Stay tuned. :)

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