Friday, February 1, 2008


What's my number? 7...That's right, I've lost 7 lbs in the last 3 weeks. I seem to be stuck here but am still pursuing the goal.
Yesterday was a comedy oof errors. I planned to get up, go to work and pick up the dog in the evening on the way home. But the night before Z got an earache. Not the kind normally seen at my house. The kind where I sat up with her a rocked and held her while she cried from like 9 to 1 in the morning. I had an 830 meeting...I could have called in. But since we have a health center at work that has just started seeing family members - and is offering free visits to employees and family through April I decided to attend the meeting with Z in tow and run over there right after. We did. They wouldn't see her. Turns out you have to call in advance for children and they were fully booked. So, we drove back to southside to spend a couple hours in the pediatrician's office. Then we drove back to the west end for the 2nd time that day to pick up the doggie from the "hospital." When I finally got home she needed luncha nd juice and the dog was crying with pain. I wasn't sure how I'd be able to care for both, but it all worked out.
She went with her Daddy for the night, antibiotics in tow and is much improved already. Sprout on the other hand isnt. We were up together for awhile around 3am nd I am glad i took today off work. e's very swollen and bruised and I am aplying hot cloths intermittently through the day. He should be well enough to be crated during the day by Monday with hot cloths in the morning and night only.
Janice is sick too and my ears hurt this morning. Chantal texted me with her grades this morning - it's report card day. She thought it was good, but I didn't. She had 1 B and the remainder of grades are Cs. That's quite a drop for her. What an icky week.
The good news centers around KJ. Hopefully his report card will be ok. Regardless, he passed his hearing test this week. And he got good faces all week on his tracker we send back and forth each day with the teacher.
Spring is coming and I can't wait. I have buds on the trees outside my window and I'm sick of my grass looking bad and not being able to spend warm days on th deck. Daylight is lasting longer...It's coming.

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