Tuesday, February 5, 2008

All is well with the world...

Wow! We set a record temp today! I had happy children and left early to enjoy a taste of the weather while I worked. Being mobile sure does have an upside! I saw the funniest thing today! No lie...I was driving along happily with the windows down and passed a man in a yellow showercap trimmed in lace. Such a friggin' stereotype but I laughed my ass off anyway.
Z's ear infection is better. Janice seems to be on the mend from her pneumonia and Sprout's leg is doing beutifully. I can't believe how easy of a time he's having comaped to his last surgery...truly a blessing.
And I met with the school today about KJ. He's going to be tested for ADHD. Some might be upset by that but with it present in my oldest child, my sister and nephew it doesn't worry me. I think he has it (especially after taking the inventory) and if it gets him the help he needs to catch up in his core subjects with his classmates and be successful that's all I care about...He does all his work at home, but it wasn't making it to the teacher, he did great on his work at home and knew it all and does well in small group at school...but when in a sea of 20 kids with one teacher trying to help everyone he falls by the wayside. He's super smart and sooo creative, but he needs to be able to demonstate that in multiple environments. We'll know the results in April and go from there...

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