Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nina hit 100!

100 posts on her blog that is. She is such an awesome person and I for one am glad to know her. We used to go out to smoke every day, many times a day at work, and got to know each other well. I think I'm lucky to count her as a friend. She is the one that got me to start blogging and quite honestly if I'd been more diligent I'd be closer to 100 posts than I am...I'm at 68. You should check out her blog. Here's a link to her...

All is well at our house. Sprout has been mad and taking it out on me...I called him he won't come. I invite him up on the furniture and he lays on the floor. I sat on the couch beside him and he got down and moved to the loveseat...Talk about holding a grudge! I figure in the last week or so I have taken him and left him for surgery, forced him to take pain pills he doesn't like and that gave him hives head to toe, I trimmed his nails and then what do you think happened? We went "out" and the neighbor had fixed all the broken boards in their fence. Sprout liked it the way it was and would spend time looking through daily and barking for his "friend." When he saw it boarded up he whined, and checked another spot...Once he discovered the whole fence line had been repaired he sat down and cried. No lie! I called J out to look because she thought I was exagerating. He would move around to sit in a new pot and just whimper and whine. This went on for awhile until I finally made him come in. He's finally forgiven me though. I know because he cam and laid in the bed with me this am and kissed me. He's my boy...Who knew you could love a dog so much.

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  1.'re so sweet to mention me! it kind of looked like at first you were saying I'm 100 years old....hehe, I feel that way sometimes!!