Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby Baby Crybaby!

That's what Z called me today. (I'm glad that's still the worst she can think of.) You see I made chicken with baked spaghetti and salad for dinner and since she wouldn't eat she couldn't have dessert. Tough times at our house. lol
We went to the dentist today. Good check up s for all but Z...Her "bad mommy" hasn't gotten her filling done so her cavities are still there. Good news is there weren't any new ones though. KJ loves the dentist though and had a great check up.
They stayed with Dad one extra night this weekend. It was so winky here our power was out so I gave them the option. With them gone we went to eat dinner with Chantal at her job, then out for ice cream. Not a bad Sunday, though I would have rather been home with the lights on.
I went out toKitchen 64 this weekend too. Surprisingly good food. I had a veggie/cheese sub Janice had burger and fries and we each had a beer for about $25. Not bad and a cute place with what looked like a cool bar...I found roller blades at the thrift store too. I would say this was good news if I had only bought the ones in KJs size, but i bought some for me too. I hope I don't break any more bones. :)
I believe I've given up on pushing Chantal into college too. Seems she really doesn't want to go so I finally said it's her choice and I'm behind her (bt not paying her bills.) We'll see what happens, graduation is fast approaching.
And the best for last...Spring is around the corner! I haerd it whispering to me in the blooming forsythisa this weekend. I can't wait! Life sure is good. I hope yours is too.

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