Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What's panty goo?

I know it sounds obscene but that's what KJ asked this morning. I told him I had to run inside to get some canned goods and he was genuinely confused. He misunderstood other words today too but this was the funniest. I've called the school and he's to have a hearing test in the next day or 2. My fingers are crossed we won't have to go for a 4th set of tubes.
Z has a cold. She was all snuggled in on the couch last night while KJ and I thinned toys and cleaned their room. He was naturally concerned about her lack of help. I explained I enjoyed hanging out with him alone sometimes and that we make a good team. He was pleased and content to help. He even stripped and made his top bunk for the first time.
I tell ya, I love my kids...more than butta, baby! :)

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