Monday, February 18, 2008

Bonjour from your friendly Mass Murderer...

Well, It's Monday again. All day long but what an interesting weekend we had. The kids sucessfully cleaned their room and I weeded out all the too small clothes yet agin, creating room in their dresser. They were quite pleased with that. I spent the weekend doing all those little things you never quite have time for because you don't have to do them often. You know, like cleaning the ceiling fan, waxing the table, cleaning the fish tank...That last one was a doozie. And i wasn't super efficient with it. I think my brain was fogged from Z being up with another earache from midnight to 5am...and KJ Getting us up for the day at 8am. We had a couple fish try to commit suicide by jumping out of the bowl they were in. And Z tracked water everywhere. I looked around and asked her if the put her socked feet and the ends of her jeans in the fish water...She assured me she did not put her feet in there...they just got in there. Well, I'm sure you can see whee this is going. We'll never know if it was the feet, dirt from the floor or the sheer shock of clean water but all my fish died. Every flippin' one! I had a benefit dinner with the Lions Club per my Dad that night and some fish were indeed alive when I left, but all died by the time I got home. I froze some per KJ's request so he can take them in to his science class, but finally I just flushed the rest. We got our water tested, were told it was perfect and took home 4 fat goldfish. They didn't mind the clean water. The kids tried to name them all day yesterday...Z likes "Molly" for her fish, while KJ settled on George Washington, Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

Dinner was great. They had a silent and a live auction along with wine tasting throughout a 4 course french dinner. I won a gift card to a salon here in town and my mom scored a weekend at the outer banks promising to take us all. Janice tagged along and I told her since I was driving to drink all she liked. She wasn't unpresentable but was soused by the time we left. My mom drve my dad and he had a good time too. I really like to see him happy with his friends. He imbibed a bit much as well and was frozen when it was time to leave...for those unaware, he as Parkinon's which I think is a miserable disease. I hate that it limits what he's physically able to do when he wants so badly to be truly active. Anyway, Janice and I supported him one on each side and walked him out. He was greeted and hugged along the way and I am so glad he had a good time.

C worked all weekend. We saw here briefly here and there but she sure does seem to be stretching out a bit and getting more independent. I'm both gald and saddend by that whole turn of events. KJ was ranting on this morning about how her job keeps her all the time and won't let her come home. He was mad because he did miss her this weekend. I'm fairly certain shs did not miss him nearly as much...He talked non-stop from the time I picked him up Friday to the time I dropped him off this morning. Meanwhile Z did bal-le-let and kept hushing me anytime I answered her brother. She then explained to me the dancer stops if I talk. She got pretty annoyed.

All in all a good time was had by all. We even got the dvd up and running again.

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