Friday, February 15, 2008

Always an adventure

I try to think of every day as an adventure and search for the good each day. A few days ago I mentioned the name calling was doing...after that she crawled up in my lap and said "Do you remember when I was a baby and you used to rock me?" I said yes and did it on the spot. We cuddled and about 45 minutes later after squeezing, kissing and breathing in her wonderful scent while she slept I tucked her in. She is such a sweet girl. The next morning I assigned her to pick out her clothes while I showered and her brother dressed. Upon exiting the shower I found KJ fully dressed and ready for school and Z in bed with her head propped up by her arms in the middle of my bed covered to mid-chest watching the news. When I asked what she was doing she told me she was "relaxing." She did not appreciate being forced to get up and prepare for the day. Funny girl.
Yesterday I worked from home as Sprout got his stitches out and I could not fathom driving across town 2x in one day unless there was a true need...When I got home and went to the bathroom I noticed the sunlight playing on the walls and thought it odd. I hadn't seen it do that before, but it was pretty. Later that day on a subsequent visit I noticed it still there though the sun was not I looked closer...and I found that my son took his spray powder we're using on his skin condition and "spray painted" his name on the wall...Hmmm, I don't know where these ideas instantly pop from or why he feels it necessary to follow through on every one! Luckily though it is powder and I did just wipe it off. sigh

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