Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who knew?

I wanted to get in the hot tub this weekend. I realized I missed a week of testing the water and adjustign chemicals, but really, how much difference could it really make? Now I think perhaps I missed 2 weeks and forgot that too because UGH! The water was green, nasty and smelly. Yuck! I re-read the literature and check the internet and are supposed to drain and clean it every 3-4 months. We did it Monday. I let KJ help on the condition he completed his book report. He had so much fun. Once the water was ankle deep we got it and cleaned the heck out of it! He helped rinse it and then "supervised" the re-filling. They were with Dad last night so we'll all jump in and relax tonight for sure. :)

Last night I did my taxes (whew!) and cleaned my room. I know that doesn't sound like a ton of work but I had eleventy-seven bazillion articles of clean clothes in baskets, on the bed, in the hall and burying the rocking chair...I know this is a HUGE opportunity for me. It's been my New Year Resolution for the past 5 years. I just can't quite ever seem to keep the laundry put away. Hopefully I'll make time to thin them though soon and begin another attempt at keeping things the way I like them...neat and clean. What a concept! :)

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