Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Um, yeah. Not much going on...now anyway

We had a great weekend. Friday was a school night at a local restaurant so we all went out to eat. Saturday the kids drove me mad until we went to a friend's birthday party at Chuck-E-Hell (oops! I meant Cheese). You know it's funny...they were down to a few last tokens and the birthday boy's Dad came by and asked if we were leaving soon. I replied that we would when we finished our last few tokens and he said he'd give me more. I refused them but he said "I know...I'll give them to you anyway. You'll never get to go home - ha ha - Here Z." Oh, well, they had an awesome time and I think I was only actually there almost 4 hours. They played and fell asleep together in bed watching Disney after dinner so a good night was had by all. Sunday we hit church, my nephew's b-ball game and PetSmart. His team lost but he was really good - so we took everyone out for ice cream them spent like $50 on fish. Yeah, yeah...KJ thinks it's an investment; The kitties would like to figure out how to make it a snack.
I worked from home yesterday awaiting a plumber...you may remember the waterfall prior to Xmas I mentioned. Anyway - no real damage was done. The sink was badly clogged, is all free now and I get to add painting the bathroom to my to-do list. Humph, I may have a bare spot for awhile.
I felt so bad when i dropped Z off at school yesterday. He little eyes welled up and she just began crying quietly and pitifully. When I asked what was wrong she said she missed her Daddy...I guess after seeing him so much over Xmas it's hard to get back on a visitation schedule. So I promised to call him and we switched days this week so he could pick them up from daycare. I talked to her on the phone last night and she was her regular happy self. It really is a shame that divorce sucks so much for the kids. So...I did nothing yesterday. I logged off at 430 after working all day, napped 'til 7 and then cooked dinner. Hopefully, I will leave a bit early to enjoy a sliver of this gorgeous weather. I hope you do too!

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