Thursday, January 10, 2008

Busy Times

So I'm either pretty stupid or very ambitious. It all depends on the lens you choose. I'm on the road to quitting smoking and trying to lose weight at the same time. I had to keep a log of how many cigarettes I was smoking and when and if that number alone doesn't make you think you need to quit nothing will. I actually feel a bit Guilty now every time I smoke. It's only day 3 but they do taste different.
I had my first weigh in for the Biggest Loser Club on Tuesday. Yuck!!! That was no fun! The silver lining I found this morning is that according to the scale I'm down 5 lbs. Now, I fully realize that's some water weight, but hell, I'll take it. I hope to be where I want weight-wise by October. I've just been doing the stuff I know to do all along like oatmeal or Special K for breakfast, turkey on whole grain bread w/ veggies (no mayo) for lunch, fruit for a snack and salad and veggies for dinner. I did have a high fiber bar for a snack last night too because i was hungry. If I keep this up, along with going to the gym a minimum of 2-3 times per week, and my teammates work hard too, we should have an excellent shot at winning the prize money. That would be awesome.
The kids are fine though KJ got in a bit of trouble. Seems he won't keep his shoes on in class and is blurting out answers. Much better than the other stuff and the same thing he struggled with in Kindergarten...My kids are barefoot people too. We discussed it and I let him hear the vm the teacher left. He said she sounds like she's "on fire for him", meaning totally pissed. We changed shoes and tied them tighter, in bow knots and agreed he could try ignoring his friend he chats with before I ask that he be moved. And perhaps he can whisper the word to himself with his hand up to be called on so he'll know if he's right whether he gets called on or not.
Z had a rough day the other day too. She complained that the girls wouldn't play with her. When I asked why she explained that they thought she was being mean. I asked her if she was mean and she admitted it. I suggest she be nice and they'd be more willing...She explained she doesn't want to be nice. Sounds like girlfriend will have a rough week if she doesn't figure it out. She did have a good day though yesterday.
C is good too. Tired from working so much, still being nagged about chores and still reluctant about college. She came home after working a hour shift complaining her feet hurt. My response to that was "Wow, better get an education." She didn't think I was funny at all.
Oh well, I'm off to work...I start my new role in 2 days! We'll see how well I do keeping up here then. ;)-

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