Saturday, December 22, 2007

What a nice trip...

We've been at Massanutten and had a great time. I might have made time for skiing but it was slushy with only 2 runs open and 3 children in tow...Instead we spent a night at the pool and went out to eat and then spent ALL day at the indoor water park. I was awesome. All the water is shallow so the kids were safe wherever they played and could have all the independence they wanted. They have 2 hot tubs, a lazy river, 4 little bitty slides 4 big slides and 5 mondo slides (you have to walk of 6 sets of stairs to get to the top of those - and depending on which you want to ride your carry your raft with you!) KJ and Chantal went on all of them as did I and Z...the only fun Z missed was the mondo slide because she's still about an inch too short. She was ready though. I was surprised at her lack of fear. :)

The coolest thing there was the wave thing - I think it was called the rip runner or something. It is an indoor wave with water constantly shooting up and down so you can learn to body board/surf/snowboard. It was awesome! All of us did that too except for Z...again too little. We stayed 'til closing time and they literally wouldn't let us get "just one more slide." They we dried off and dressed and hit the arcade. Fun was had by all and we all collapsed into bed. Today I will pay the price with tired little people but it was worth it!


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