Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The worst day ever! (But followed by a great one)

As a follow up to my last post I did pass my class with flying colors and because I took a class I didn't know Master's Certificate says it was earned in September. Hee hee. Don't you hate it when you have such blond moments. Anyway, I've gotten the form to document all my experience, signed up for the prep classes and hope to be PMP cetified by the end of Q1 08. Yay me!
Now, as for the worst day ever...That was Monday. I picked up the children who wanted pizza for dinner. I explained I hadn't planned on it and we'd see who was home and have a consultation when we arrived, plus I had brought them leftover from Tara Thai for dinner anyway...Z starts repeating "I am not ordering the pizza and I'm not cooking it for you. I am not the Mommy." getting on her brothers nerves...This is after they wrestled at the front lobby of daycare while I shelled out over $700 for tuition the fun bus and Z's school photos. In an effort to distract I told her brother to show her Xmas lights. He did, repeatedly, with her sucking in her breath on cue every time...until she went in a coughing fit and decided she was going to throw up. She didn't, but she told me she would for the last few blocks of the ride home. We walked in to the smell of hot soup cooking on the stove. J graciously cooked it as I was running late and she didn't feel well so there would be dinner for all. The tantrums started. Then I went to use the bathroom. I walked out and asked if anyone else had used it? Did they notice a bubble in the paint? No, no one had. It extended a foot or so from the ceiling and was FULL of water. That made me ever so happy. They knew the sink upstairs wouldn't drain properly but never mentioned it to me. Plus the house was trashed and I was trying to pick up and hem the last 2 curtains I bought to hang...Silly me. Z is telling me I've ruined her life and she doesn't like me...Since she's only 4 I imagine I have time for her to recover but so it went all night long. Eight o'clock rolled around and suddenly everyone loved me as I quickly and determinedly put them to bed...I finally sat down in the dark w/ the Xmas tree on and had a drink. I think I earned it.
Yesterday would be the good day I mentioned. I got a job offer and plan to take it...I still need to finalize salary and start date, but will be a Sr Project Coordinator. I'm so excited!

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  1. whoa lily girl.....i didn't know it was a Sr position.