Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas

Christmas was great. Santa was smart and blew through early so we could all go to bed early. Z got up at 1am and announced Santa had been here. I said great, piled her in bed with me and went back to sleep...until 2am when KJ did the same. I said great - go back to bed so he moved on. Janice has never had children. In her mind it made sense to get up since he was up and Santa had come. Silly girl. KJ woke me again on the hour and when he woke me at 5 am I wanted to know what was going on...He told me J got up with him but was taking a nap now on the sofa. I went back to sleep again. We all gave in around 630 and had the tree. Everyone started showing up for brunch beginning at 9am and I got everyone to leave by 230pm. We all took much needed naps and all headed to my parents for dinner and more gifts. Then I took the kids to their Dad's house for more dinner, partying and gifts. It was a good day but I was glad to go to bed. Since the kids were gone I stayed in bed til afternoon yesterday...I can't even remember when I last did that.
The kids enjoyed Xmas and cleaned up by my assesment. KJ was most excited about his new clothes, racetrack and marble run - in that order. He's such a cutie. Z was too, though she loved her barbie, paints and playdoh too.
Today I took the tree down...You know how you put 1 ornament one one branch? Mine wasn't done that way...My little helpers had anywhere from 1-8 ornaments on any given limb. Quite funny really.
Oh! and my mother has a "pet" possum...He stops by and opens the screen door nightly. He climbs up on the picnic table and feasts on cat food. I was amazed. And while I normally think of a possum as one of the most disgusting animals on the planet this one actually looked clean and fluffy. He was obviously a youngster but didn't seem to have wiry oily looking hair. I knew all the neighborhood cats come by and that the raccoons have known about the Pettis Cafe for years but I did not know she had a possum. I suggested she might close up shop by feeding her cats indoors, but apparently that idea is not too appealing to her. I don't know. I'll post his picture later.
I've been slacking with the pics but honestly have been too busy to worry about it. I'll post some soon.

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