Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Funny Little People

"Let's go."
"No, I'll stay here."
"But it's time for lunch."
"I'll eat lasagna here"
"You can't do that, silly girl"
"But lasagna in a hot tub is great! I love hot tubs and lasagna!"

I'm sure you can guess the above was an exchange between me and Miss Z. She loves the hot tub. KJ likes it too but doesn't have nearly the passion for the hot tub compared to his Mom and sisters. Poor thing.

My nephew came over today and while the kids had a great time for awhile I'm afraid he wore out his welcome so we took him home. We had barbecued chicken and salad for dinner topped off with the remainders of the cheesecake I made. Z decided she was a bad Santa as we watched the movie Elf tonight and ran around tossing stuff yelling she was bad Santa and she had heartburn...Of course I laughed. She has no idea what heartburn is though she did explain the Grinch gets it. I told her I don't want any bad Santas and she said the was a Grumpy Santa Claus because she didn't get any cookies or presents. Perhaps Santa needs to be given a gift too...Then she started preaching about how she hasn't had a present since her birthday and could I please give her presents. I assured her she would get Christmas presents and that helped...She is so funny. Meanwhile, KJ is still studying the ToysRUs catalogue daily to ensure he makes the rights requests. He's glad I have Santa's cell but still wants to visit him at the Mall. I'm glad he believes.

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