Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ooooh! Christmas lights! Awwwwww

The Season has arrived and the kids are having such a wonderful time! I am too though. Z is excited every time she finds a pile of leaves, sees decorations or Santa Claus is mentioned. She rides home form daycare each evening going - "Christmas Lights!...awww....oooohhh...Mommy, I love Christmas Lights." She is such a sweetie. Her brother is taking a much more analytical approach this year. He leafs through the Wal-Mart and Toys-R-Us toy booklets daily speculating about all the toys and deciding what comes with what, is reasonably priced and the best toy to get. He's very serious about asking for the "right stuff" this year.
We decorated the tree last night. It was actually a bit of a marathon because of course he wanted to put on more than his sisters. They were happy to let him rave through all the balls while they examined each one they chose and carefully found it's place on the tree.
Our tree has a much better chance this year...Lola is too big to climb the tree well and Layla and Z are both old enough to leave the ornaments alone. lol

Sprout got a new sweatshirt since it's getting cold and the poor fellow doesn't have much fur...He reminded me of Ziggy. He loves wearing it and doesn't want to take it off!
I mentioned I finished my shopping to C the other day and the kids immediately wanted to know where all the presents were...I explained they had not arrived yet (leaving out that was because I shop online.) Their discerning minds told them that meant I had been chatting with Santa and the wanted to call him on his cell phone...I said that no one gets his phone number until they become a parent. If it leaked out he'd get calls all the time and never be ready for Christmas!
I'm getting excited. Christmas should be so much fun with them this year!


  1. Lily girl....the tree is beautiful. and that's funny about Sprout. They know it keeps them warm....

  2. Your tree is lovely. I am glad you are enjoying the holiday season. That is really what it is all about. The doggy is so cute...Aww.