Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Turkey Day to All...

Except the turkey of course. May Tom be well done and juicy for all.

KJ started at his "old school" on Wednesday and was absolutely thrilled. He was welcomed with hugs from friends at staff at daycare and bus driver hugged him before he got a chance to hug her (he'd planned on doing it first) saying "my boy is back." He has 3 old friends in his new class and we haven't seen in this happy in months. So hopefully the right call was made and he'll settle right back sown to being the normally sweet boy I know him to be.

The hot tub came Tuesday and was ready to enter late that night. It is wonderful. When Z saw it her eyes opened wide, her eyebrows went up and she did a double take. She's been with Dad yesterday and today but I know I'll have to pry her out when she finally gets in tomorrow.

I happily spent the day at home alone yesterday making soup, baking macaroni and cheese (I think mine's better because I use a roux to cook it with), chocolate cashew pie and cheesecakes. The recipe for the cheese cake uses 2lbs of cream cheese and a whole 16ozs of sour cream. They all turned out really well and my crew has devoured 1/2 of one cheesecake already.

So now I'm off to shower, jump in the hot tub and head to my sister's to help her finish up dinner prep. I have so much to be thankful for and hope you all count your blessings today...I will. :)

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