Monday, October 15, 2007

These are the days we remember...

I tell ya, KJ took his punishment like a little man! He did get a good note on Friday and with no trouble at daycare we went to the homecoming activities for football. He had a blast and his highlight was running from the end zone to the 50 yard line, doing a "flip" on the way as they called his name over the loundspeaker. As soon as that was done we left though because our game Saturday required us to be back on the field at 8am...Who plans these things every year? Why is there never a 5pm game the day after they ask our kids to "celebrate" until 10pm? Makes no sense to me.

Well, they won their game and we went home for housework. He did it all with a positive attitude and asked to clarify how many more days he'd be punished. It was a good day. We all took naps, grilled out and had a fire when my sis dropped through.

Sunday was church shopping and company. The weather was sunny and perfect. Z didn't throw tantrums and they played all afternoon in their new Halloween costumes. It was great. These are the good feelings we carry with us as we think of "home."

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