Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oy Vey! Someone grab me a bottle of dye!

I haven't gone blond. My hair is still black though I have purchased a bottle of dye to go back to red next...I sure am acting like a blond though! Pardon the trite joke, but I swear I can't get it together...This week I need to:

  • Renew my licence

  • Get the crashed car fixed

  • get out birthday invites

  • and much much more...

We'll touch on these few highlights though. I've been jokingly called Britney lately as I found out my driver's licence expired when I was turned away from a club...I was happy I didn't have to show it when I had my accident (previous posts) so I guess the label fits. The challenge here is I suspect my original birth certificate, that I need is in a chest under very heavy TV that is scheduled to move upstairs this weekend...makes it very easy to procrastinate, eh?

I got all the paperwork to get the car fixed but thought, mistakenly, I could drop it off and they'd "make it all better" - ah, no. They want me to fax over the papers (which of course I've misplaced) and set an appointment after they see them just for them to look at the damn thing...not very customer friendly I'm afraid. I plan to get them the papers, drop the car and leave it 'til repaired.

And I've been meaning to schedule the kids birthday party for a month but could not get it where I wanted on the calendar or decide on a theme so I did nothing. However, Z turns 4 in 3 days! Time to get on the ball! So what did I do? I cheated...I used the poster we sent out at work for trick or treating as my invitations and picked the 3rd to give folks enough time to RSVP, picked my house to make it easy on me and chose Halloween as a theme because let's face it, decorations will be on sale, it's easy and it gives the kiddies one more chance to trot out their costumes. Now if I can just get the responses...Family and friends made the guest list over 80 people! Yikes!

I better go do my hair now...

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  1. 80 People! you are crazy.......but great idea on the Halloween theme