Friday, October 12, 2007

Stop the Drama!

What rough week! You know KJ got in trouble Tuesday for fighting at school...well Wednesday he was such a shining example of a 1st grader the teacher wrote a good note home...He was very proud, but it was overshadowed by sitting in timeout at recess at daycare for threatening to fight another kid. Then yesterday he got in a fight at school again and actually had to be restrained twice! God help me...I could use it.

I had him held off the bus and went up to the school to pick him up and confer with the teacher. I hoped to put fear there while showing I care. Needless to say he's being punished at home and I'm thinking of asking the teacher to let him work for one "good note" on Fridays each week.

I'm sure something is setting him off and guess he's enjoying the kids reaction from his antics but not the adults. If it happens again he gets suspended. Geez Louise!

Mommies, share your advice with me.

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  1. No joking baby--glad I am not you. He sounds like a rather rambunctious normal boy who is probably bored at school and does this for attention from his teacher. Ask about his studies and his grades and perhaps if he is doing well there, offering him an incentive in enrolling him in karate to let off his aggressive tendencies will be more helpful in solving the problem. Best of luck.