Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Someone be a dear and get Mommy one of those ...

Some days I am totally the Mommy I want to be and other days I just want to thump each one over the head and say "knock it off!"

KJ got in a fight at school yesterday. He and this boy have been picking the whole school year - yeah, I know we're only a month and a half in - and yesterday was his last straw. Reportedly this kid cut in line, wouldn't move and then started teasing. They then progressed to a shoving match and KJ chasing this kid around the class to beat the crap out of him! I guess the kid figured KJ would win and had decided he'd had enough. The teacher caught and held him back while the Principal was summoned. He then had to cool down, have a chat and work the rest of the day in another classroom. He didn't get to go shoe shopping either...I hope that kid backs down now and KJ will practice keeping his temper. If so, good things will come of this. If not, I'll be awaiting my phone call. I'm glad he's willing to stand up for himself.

Chantal doesn't think she should have to keep up with her chores now...You know she is a "working woman"...She goes to school half time and work about 20 hours a week so about 30 hours of her week is taken up with "work". I explained (not so nicely) it doesn't add up to 40 hours any way you cut it and since I'm a "working woman" with a 40 hour a week job and 3 kids I had NO sympathy what-so-ever. I also pointed out this might not be the fight to pick because I could guarantee she'd lose.

Z had the best attitude of all 3 kids...but I still had to turn off the TV to get the "listening ears" to come on.

Then no one wanted to get moving this morning, the dog got loose and "that boy" hit his sister and was rude and disrespectful all morning. So, no shoes yet again today.

Chantal did come home though and find Trevor making great friends with the insurance man who came to see my car. That's nice since he'd usually prefer to eat strange men than be petted by them. (sigh)

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  1. oh well.....you have to have some bad days thrown in once in awhile. And I too am glad he took up for himself, though fighting is never good, you have to stand up sometimes.