Monday, October 8, 2007

4-Wheelin' in the Prius

You know what a miracle is right? It's unexpected and wonderful. It can be as small as something precious given up as lost forever or as wonderful and huge as the miracle of Hanukkah. I had one this weekend...I was at a volunteer event Friday night and spent all day helping my friend de-clutter, pack and clean her house for showings and finally once dark fell we decided to call it a day. We left her house going up the curvy, windy, pitch-black road (get the picture?) and I successfully avoided hitting 2 hunting dogs. I then swerved a bit yet again, hit some gravel went off the road, steered through it and came out on the other side. I thought I had a flat so I got my friend's attention and slowed to a a stop.

She asked what was wrong when she pulled up and I said simply that I had run off the road and gotten a flat. She was surprised and asked if I was OK. I said yep, fine. I got out of the car and low and behold my bumper was gone...Now I don't mean scratched, or hanging off. I mean gone. No where in sight. Poof!

A nice man stopped and changed my tire for me - right away - Bless him! and J went to search for my bumper. It was recovered, in one piece way up in a field. I missed a pack of big 3 ft tall tree stumps by less than and inch and it seems I was all the way off the road in a ditch and back out in no time - missing all the pine trees planted there. Pretty impressive.

It sucks that my car was damaged, but I'm fine and the car is drivable...Now if I just had $1000 lying around somewhere... :)

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  1. Wow...good thing you made it safely and did not panic. I totally would have panicked.