Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Gotta love the little people

It sure is nice having the best kids in the whole world. I know, I know. You think you have them, but I'm sorry. You are mistaken. KJ's been trying to pull a fast one at daycare since Wednesday when he did not get enough help to complete his math homework. He brought it home and agreed to do it at the kitchen table but wanted to know if I knew how to do 1st grade math. He was concerned it might be above my skill level...so thoughtful. Anyway, it went off without a hitch once I read the directions to him and now he'd prefer to do it at home daily. I'd prefer not to, thank you very much.

His team won their game on Saturday making them 3 & 2. I was pleased and need to get on the ball finding out more info on Homecoming which I believe is this weekend. He plays hard but says he'll skip it next year. I told him he would not have to play but he was worried about what Dad might think. I offered to help him talk to him...He said good because he'd have to "talk really loud so Dad would listen" and was worried he wouldn't be "living out Dad's dream" for him. I assured him his Dad would understand and gave Kirt the heads up on my little man's concerns while explaining basketball is next on his list of things he wants to do. KJ is nothing if not ambitious...He's planned out his sports rotation for the next year. sigh
Z is as feisty as ever as demonstrated below. Her new kick is coming from getting Dad to text me "scary" faces. It's cute and she enjoys the reaction. She's moved on from being a secretary to a waitress now thanks to the strawberry muffins I made for breakfast Sunday. She comes and takes my order, writes it down, informs me the kitchen is closed and walks away laughing! She is such a tease. I think all the satisfaction comes from the fact that I regularly tell them that in the evenings after dinner. We went to friend's for dinner last night and had a nice visit. It was top of line cuisine and the kids raved! We had apples and ramen noodles with pineapples and cheesecake for dessert. It might not impress the adults reading this, but the kids want to go back. We are trying to crack down on the nubby addiction and reserve it for bedtime now...Z whined at me, I mentioned we needed to go home soon for bedtime and the siren cracked up...She decided she wanted her nubby and I should go get it. My friend asked if I had one and I said yes, but explained the above. I said I would not go get it and she offered and jumped right up...I said "No, she can't get what she wants acting that way." My friend was concerned and had a worried look as she said now I know why all my childless friends acted this way...Her daughter is 11 so she out of practice tuning out the noise.
We had fun and will do it again. Keep you fingers crossed on the nubbies...We are trying to keep them in the bed, but they do seem to have legs all their own.

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