Wednesday, October 3, 2007

AARRGH! The kitty tried to EAT me!

Last night I went to Janice's (my new roommate) to help her move her king size bed and her kitty's. The bed really was easy but let me tell you, a king size pillow top mattress with no handles on the sides weighs about 8,000 pounds! When we got it to my house I figured out why God gave me childbearing hips...It has nothing to do with birthing those babies. I had c-sections and one hard time with C anyway. It's for moving large heavy furniture up flights of stairs! Bed assembly was a breeze but we spent 20 minutes (felt like 3 hours) getting that bitch up the stairs. She would pick the front end up a tiny bit and I got on the back end (under the weight) and pushed the hell out of it with my hips and back. Chantal pushed the back top end and it worked! We kept saying we needed muscled men, but when we were done we were all happy and said...Yeah! Women can do anything! :)

So, about the bad be forever known now as Rat Bastard...I volunteered to put them in their crates so they would not be as mad at their "Mommy" and it seemed like a great idea at the time. They hate their crates. I did 2 and was after the 3rd with treats in hand...It was all good until I tried to put him in a crate and he bit the hell out of me. I dropped him, but never being one to give up I grabbed him again...Yes, I know how dumb that was. I ended up with 2 bites and many scratches. We left him there and she will go "kiss and make up" today. I think he and I will agree to avoid each other for some time.
(This is not the bad kitty. It's Mr Prince! He owns my sister and is affectionately known as the fat cat. )

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