Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Beach was warm and the livin' was easy

Oh my gosh! The beach was awesome! We just spent a week in Corolla in an awesome house you could only reach with 4 wheel drive. We had our own pool, hot tub, decks on 3 floors, satellite TV, hammock swings and all we hoped for. There is nothing like lazing around in the morning over coffee, moving to the beach for a few hours, rinsing in the pool and relaxing in the hot tub! I could have stayed forever. KJ and Chantal were ready to come home but true to form, I had to pick up Z and carry her out of the house. She had no desire to end her vacation and go home.

Z's favorite parts of the trip were the beach and hot tub - she didn't have much use for the pool. KJ loved the ocean and the pool and Chantal loved sleeping in (though she liked the hot tub too)! We made time for games and actually played Monopoly to the end...I cleaned out everyone! And a dolphin jumped in the waves less than 10 feet in front of KJ! He screamed with surprise and then we all stood there with our mouths hanging open as it kept jumping! Amazing! We caught a ghost crab and had some toads at our pool...I never would have thought to look for toads at the beach! We watched the wild horses every day too. Layla actually escaped once and ran over the dunes...I chased her and found her frozen just over the crest watching the horses so intently. Fortunately for her she didn't get too close. :)

In other brief news I was "published" too in our local magazines: www.vmagazineforwomen.com/find.html.

The kids started back to school today. KJ was up and dressed with his backpack on by 6am and Chantal had left by the time I exited the shower...The diva wanted to sleep in and I was with her all the way! We bought a new hammock this weekend and caught a slip and slide on clearance for $5 so we'll continue resisting the change of seasons at my house! Have a great day. We'll chat soon.

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