Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back to school

School has started this week. I know our area starts later than most but I for one am glad. I gave us the chance tu buy school supplies, new shoes and clothes this past weekend. I tried, but could not steer my son away from his new green shoes and Chantal was terribly crabby her last day of vacation. It's funny how all the girls dislike this time and my son is always pleased. He's been up early every day this week while I drag my butt out of bed, dress Z and end up carrying her downstairs. I think she and I are vacation girls. ;)
All have had a good week though and everyone is adjusting to the change. I did all my "parent homework" last night and was pleased when my Mom stopped by. We got a chance to visit and she did baths for me. It was a big help and appreciated by all. Hopefully we'll be back in the swing and back on an earlier schedule naturally (with gentle pushing by me) by the time we set the clocks back an hour next month. It's hard to believe how quickly time is flying!
I did buy a slip and slide on clearance this week for $5...Wish us time to use before the weather turns, please. With school and football we haven't felt much freedom this week. I have caught up on all my "business stuff" though and that's good...I went through a month of unopened mail and had a pile of "to-do's" hanging around for 2 weeks...Thank God for online bill pay so I didn't get too behind on that piece...But all is done for now, so we'll just sit back and settle in.
Oh! And the pic above would be our Sprout. When the kids are gone he climbs into my chair, rests his chin and waits for them to come home. :)

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  1. poor know those doggies get lonely now that school has started!