Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's hard to live with a princess...

Z was in rare form again last night. She was happy her big sis took her out "on the town" while I took KJ to football. It made and ejoyable evening for all until I announced bedtime. The princess was mad and lashed out when her brother tried to confort her. Guess miss diva is not ready to get back into a routine. I am!

I got my hair cut today at work! My friend Tammy is a liscensed beutician and did my hair at lunch in one of the offices. I need to play with it but am very pleased! I'll be going back to her.

True to form Chantal packed for the dog before herself and texted me to tell me that the baby is so excited about the trip. I's so cute how those 2 make over each other. I'm trying to wrap up work and catch up at home so I'll be ready...Wish me luck with fingers crossed I manage to pack tonight!

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  1. I love your haircut lily girl. Hope you and the kids have a wonderful time down in OBX......see you in a week!