Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Moving through Changes...

Wow, what a week! Remember when I said it sucks to be a girl? I've spoken with the folks at UVA and they think my lump is benign. I also talked to my OB/GYN and he's a bit annoyed that he does not have the report yet and doesn't seem to fully trust their reading, though with my history that is understandable. We agreed I'd go for a 2nd opinion and once he gets the report we'll decide on an ultrasound, MRI or biopsy. So, while it's not over I feel much better. Each time they thought I had cancer they moved much more quickly and this feels very different. I'm going to stand on faith it's just a calcium deposit or scar tissue or something inconsequential.

I had a class this week too on Contract Management Principles and Practices. Nothing like squeezing a semester worth of stuff into 3 days! I got a 100 on my exam though and am pleased. I only have 2 more classes left and I'll get my Master's Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University.

I decided to skip the camping this weekend. It's just too flippin hot! If it truly does cool down to the upper 80's or low 90's I may go to the Caribe Fest this weekend but otherwise all my activities will involve staying cool.

It's funny. I told someone the weather was turning today and they thought I was just damn silly. It's true though...Watch...I know because the kids are just beginning to show signs of fall allergies and breathing trouble. It's way too early for this and too soon to think of fall but it tells me that summer is coming to an end. I hope you make time to get out there and enjoy the time before the kids all head back to school. I know we will!

Ta ta for Now! Lilli


  1. Anonymous8/08/2007

    hi,lilliv,i love your flower its beautiful open..i read your blog all the time but didn't comment.i guess i could comment,huh!!i also live on faith that all will be ok,but in my heart of hearts i know it will..i hope all the changes in your life are all good?i will say you are missed when you don't post a blog so keep writing and i'll keep reading...j

  2. Mr.Klean8/08/2007

    You are a true soldier and I know God answered my prayers about your lump!

  3. Hey Lilly girl........still praying hard for a good outcome. I love your blogs new look!