Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What would you do?

Just a quick note that all is well and benign...I just get to go for yearly mammograms starting now as oppsed to once I'm 40. Now on to the funny stuff...

KJ and Z were playing in the pool and he decided to abandon us for the tv. Z and I enjoy times in the pool without being splashed and knowcked around so we decided to let him go and play a bit on our own. Now mind you, it was dinnertime and I had not started a thing and KJ was hungry. I told him to hold on and I'd tend to dinner shortly. Rather than waiting he decided to fix his own dinner...He sureveyed the situation and chose tuna sandwiches with chips. Sounds good. Did I mention he can't use a can opener and knew Mommy would tell him no? Well, being the thoughtful boy he is he solved his problem all on his own. When I came in I saw him sitting quietly eating his dinner on a paper towel and foolishly assumed he'd made pbj sandwich. He corrected me and I turned around to see the kitties enjoying tuna strewn across the counter, a can with a hole in it and a big 'ol hammer! Once again he put one past me...When I loudly said "we have a can opener!" he just said "oh."

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