Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Meanest Mom, 2007

It seems I won the Meanest Mom of the Year award yesterday. After working all day and racing to sit at football practice for 2+ hours it all went downhill. I didn't fall for the lines around Dad not providing dinner thereby creating sounds reasons for fast food. I insisted on showers when we got home and due to tantrums I eliminated TV time, put them in their own rooms and we didn't even get stories! You see, it's very unfair for them to sleep in their beds when they'd rather sleep in the playroom, on the couch or in Mom's bed...there are TVs in each of those rooms. The final straw was when I told them to stay in bed while I went for a shower. I don't know how I thought I was entitled to one too. ;)- When I came out I even took the snack they snuck downstairs to pick out. Life was very unfair, but the morning came and all was better. We have football again today and since they are with me Dad really won't be providing dinner. Wish me luck!

We leave for the beach Saturday and we are all excited. I've only been to the Outer Banks once before and this is an awesome blessing. Me and the kids are staying down there with a friend all week...I just have to find time to pack! My friends were talking about hurricanes this morning (not very nice were they? lol) I told them I'll just stand on faith that they won't come my way!

The pool died this weekend too. I mentioned that big storm which did fill it quite nicely, but it got too full...The water leaked into the punctured rime we've been trying to patch and the weight rolled the rim down to the ground. I was excited to see it full in the am and had big plans to get in, but it was flattened and empty by the time I was ready...We'll have a real one at the beach though and school and football will be in full swing when we get back so perhaps we'll just live with the sprinkler...You know, it's sad but summer really is ending. sigh

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  1. whoa Lily........you didn't tell me you had such a rough night! I blame everything right now on the beginning of the "change of seasons". haha
    Ya'll are going to have so much fun at the beach!!