Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Good Times and Good Friends

What a busy night last night. My good friends Eric and Candi came for dinner and we had a great time. Menu was good and quick...Penne pasta with squash, zucchini, red peppers and chicken in a cream sauce; pineapple and salad with Boston cream cake for dessert. I love a quick and easy dinner! Candi's daughter came too so the kids got in some pool time after our (daily) storm.

Our "foster" cat showed up too so I have her camped out in the bathroom. Hopefully she won't be there too long because regardless of how sweet she is she managed to stress Trevor out...That BAD dog went and got 2 pairs of my favorite flip flops out of the shoe bin and chewed them up beside me bed in the middle of the night! Guess he figured he'd show me.

The kids were great and we all stayed up too late, as did I. Summer is so good. I'm really enjoying my crazy life.

I've decided to take Sprout to obedience class. I've been saying I was going to train him since his arrival this spring but have never found the time. I know if I sign up for a class though and have it on my calendar I will follow through. The other dogs went through it and passed their "good citizenship" tests so that will be our goal...though the real goal is simply to have better overall behavior at home. The kitty food is so yummy he can't bring himself to stop eating when caught. Layla needs it too so if Chantal will go we'll do it together. I think we will all enjoy it more that way. We'll see. I'm sure she'll want to though she thinks her pretty little princess is just fine the way she is. lol

I just found out one of my old friends moved back into the neighborhood too. She used to watch my kids when they were little so I'm sure we'll make it down the street to catch up sometime this week...Oof, I'm feeling busy! I still have plans for 3 dinners (only 1 at my house) this week plus the Watermelon festival in Carytown. Perhaps I'll lie low next week...So far I have 1 happy hour and a camping trip. It's all good! You make sure you're having fun too!

-Later :)

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