Monday, July 30, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away

C has been taking and sending me photo's regularly lately. I am her biased mother but think she's got a decent eye for photos. She took this one as a storm approached. I have several friends telling me how dry it is and that we need the rain, but I don't. I'm getting rather tired of the daily rain at my house...the hummingbird is happy and lawn looks great though. I need to cut it again.

The kids and I are hero's...applause please? We finally got ALL the laundry put away. I know that seems like a normal part of daily living but we always fall down on the last step - wash, fold, put away. I think we've been living out of the baskets for about a month now. It's ever so sad, but I can't be alone in this...Right? I sent the kids in their room and each person had to put away all their own clothing. KJ immediately complained that the whole thing was unfair because Z would not do any work. I pointed out he only had to deal with his own clothes and could ignore hers and his job would be done so he was quite satisfied. We all worked together and had it done in about 30 minutes (?)...You know, it's easier to do when it's raining, because we couldn't play outside.

Pray for sun...We want to swim. :)

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