Monday, July 23, 2007

Aaaah, what a nice weekend it was...

We went to Virginia Beach this weekend and had a great time. Chantal only came for the day but it was good to have her and her friends around. She looked very stressed out though after visiting the haunted house! We spent time on the sand and in the ocean followed by pool time and dinner out. We got to ride the "Charlie" (aka trolley) which was much fun! When we went to the diner for breakfast it was crowded so we sat on bar stools and it was "the coolest ever." The kids were so worn out but gave me big hugs and said they are having a great summer. I was glad to hear that...but that comes and goes like the tides. Yesterday I mowed the lawn with all my "helpers." KJ walked up to me and asked if I knew he didn't always like me very much? I replied that yes I did and sometimes felt the same way. He is truly a character.

They had fun with their dad yesterday and "the diva" is so worn out she decided she didn't want to go to school today but would just stay home in bed...I wouldn't be surprised to hear that from a teenager, but man, she's only 3! Heaven help me!

My Aunt Nonie left Saturday. I was sorry I didn't get more time with her but will hopefully see her at the family reunion. She and my mom visited my Aunt Sam for the day and had a good time. Her grandson officially renamed the "Macaroni" and "Peek-a-Boo." Children are such amazing little people.

I've downloaded a virus onto my PC at home and it's done damage so I'll have to get that fixed too. :( Ironic timing as I just gave away my old one, eh? I hope your weather is as great as ours & I'll check in soon.

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  1. kids say such great things.....I love it.