Friday, July 20, 2007

Christmas in July

We had quite a storm yesterday. There were trees down blocking my path to daycare so I got to go "all around the mulberry bush" to pick up my little ones. They were all playing in the dark with the windows wide open since there was no power. We went home and worked on cleaning up the playroom and took a swim break in between storms. I was truly thankful when the rain stopped again for about 10 minutes around 9pm so the dogs could go out. Power came back on around 3 am so we did without for about 24 hours. ick.

You might be wondering about the Christmas part by now since the only gift you can fathom above is rain for the plants...I am cleaning before leaving town again (I love coming back to a clean home - makes its easier) and moved the furniture around as I often do, but haven't in awhile. My pups found all their missing bones and toys so they had a free for all all evening. My big boy took a bone straight to his crate, the baby tried to steal everyone's and hide them in the couch and my little boy spread them out and went from toy to toy all evening. It's funny, all the kids were out last night but the dogs are like having an extra 3 around. My son summed it up for me as he often does...Mom, you have 8 kids. - huh? - There are 9 of us Mommy - 4 boys and 5 girls. - Really? - Yeah, because the dogs and cats are like people too. - OK, so I stand corrected. I guess the fish don't count and I have 8 children.

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  1. oh moving some furniture around! Never know what you'll find!