Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's only the 5th?

How can that be? So much has happened in the last 5 days but I know I'm on the right track.

I said goodbye to my Layla 5 days ago and the house is SO quiet. I know she brought life (and commotion) to our home but had no idea how much. I have vacuumed and used the hair dryer without so much as a peep from the boys. No one is constantly watching the circle for cars poised to spring into action and I've cried when I had to go to bed without her.

The boy has pushed all kinds of limits in every arena this week and is going on punishment. We've tested house rules, disrespected adults and earned our 1st ever detention in school. He may have had fun this week but I can promise you he won't next week. ;)

The youngest continues to struggles with some radnom tummy issue. She'll get aches in the head and tummy and run a low fever but be fine a few hours. Then it recurs. I see a trip to the doctor in her future.

The eldest is excited and looking forward to her new semester at school. The grandboy and Dena are both healing well and even Jim got good lab results back.

I do have a nasty home maintenance rant for you. An almost unbelievable story but I will give the company the benefit of the doubt for now as the owner is scheduled to come assess the damage on Monday. I've fixed my stove yet again and paid to have the dryer repaired. The ice maker seems to have given up the ghost so we'll see if changing the filter can create some kind of magic. Otherwise I'll be fixing that next.

I am choosing to be happy again this year. I tried hard in 2012 but just got beaten down. I've drawn some lines in the sand. I've set some goals. I'm ready to work for what I want and need.

Let's do this!

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