Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We're down 3 family members this year but Dena beat cancer! I'm healthy and Mom's shoulders are healed. Kids are on honor roll but struggles with my nephew's behavior continue. My grandson is smart, beautiful and has a wonderful temperament but he got nipped in the face the other day requiring a trip to the ER. Dena's brother is far from healthy but is making progress day be day.

It's been really hard to stay happy and positive this year but I'm going to do it. Sometime life is hard but we keep waiting for the sun. On this rainy grey Christmas Eve I wish nothing but love, health and joy to my family and yours.

Today we will have a good day. We're off to try and take a picture with the fat man including all the grandchildren to surprise the MeeMaw. I hope you make it wonderful too!

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