Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's still 3 Dog Manor...

The kitty is still Queen Bee and we still have 3 dogs. Pierre was adopted out to a sweet lady this summer...

 And returned last month.

You may or may not remember he is one of the select dogs that can get along with our Piggy.

Seems the woman's kitty was a wuss and didn't keep Pierre in line so he declared himself King of the Cat Tree and gave Pickles the cat a good ass-whuppin'.  He forgot he was house-trained too but that didn't seem to factor in.

No one believed we would left him go. We did.

He became Dena's son, Z's BFF, Piggy's boyfriend and the boys (2 and 4 legged) all tolerated him. Here's a shot of Miss Piggy playing with the Happy Rabbit...

Of course I agreed to foster him again even though I have not actively fostered since he left due to all the upheaval in our lives. I let the head of rescue know and agreed to bring him to an adoption stand last Saturday. Within a few days he was right back into our routine. I asked Dena if she would let him go and never did get a straight answer. The night before she told me not to take him to the stand. He would stay.   The head of our rescue laughed...Seems Dena had told her days ago. She just "forgot" to tell me. 
So now I have 1 Queen Bee (kitty) 3 large dogs, 1 goldfish and a Happy Rabbit.

I guess congratulations are in order...Not a single one of us would have ever guess we'd add a "Chee-ha-ha" to the family. Guess all the laughing is on us now.

The kids don't yet know...He may be the biggest Christmas present they ever get.  ;)

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  1. aww, he's just so happy in your home!