Monday, November 26, 2012

And now we wait...

After getting up at the ass crack of dawn to be on time Dena's surgery started at 10am. We knew she has stage 2 oral cancer and that surgery is hopefully all that will be needed.We knew she's be pissed off to realize she will need a catheter.

We didn't know...
  • Not having anything to eat or drink would make it that freakin' hard to get her IV in
  • That they would do 2 IVs and have blood on standby due to the length of surgery
  • That surgey was planned to take 6-8 hours
  • That she will likely get a tracheotomy to breathe
  • That she will do recovery time in ICU prior to going to her room
  • That she will more than likely need speech therapy
My poor girl is not a happy camper. I've been here 5 hours now and all I want to hear is that it's done, all went well and she kicked cancer's ass!

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  1. Anonymous11/27/2012

    I just hope she's doing ok. Fingers are tightly crossed.