Sunday, March 4, 2012

Adult Supervision Required

You know how they tell you that you must have a responsible adult on hand after a surgery? I always figured it was because everyone deserves a maid and chauffeur after being sliced and diced but have come to realize I am wrong.

So W-R-O-N-G.

Trust me on this people. Get yourself an adult if you ever have to have surgery. You don't comprehend do you? I didn't either until I did these things...
  1. Crawled around on the floor hell-bent on fixing my Netflix connection...which I did accomplish
  2. Laid on the couch screaming at the children, "I don't care who does it! I just need HELP!"
  3. Laid crying on the couch when the children left with their Dad at nights (because I was unable to drive them to school, missed tucking them in and just generally wanted them home with me even though I couldn't really take care of them)
  4. Accidentally took an anti-nausea pill I got out for the puking dog (cause really, why wouldn't the dog start puking when I was on my own)
  5. Double dose on antibiotics because only one was for 2x a day and since I was "better" I quit writing down med times
  6. Got dizzy and found myself sitting in the shower (I then vowed to shower when folks were around) 
I'm sure there are more stupid things but drugs make you foggy so I can't remember them all. Go ahead and laugh at the list. It's ok 'cause I am. 


    1. Anonymous3/04/2012

      The only thing I'm laughing at is the Netflix thing. You sure do seem like the "I can do it myself" girl. We all need help sometimes. Take it then give it back when someone else needs it. You know this already : )

    2. I laughed my ass off after taking the dog pill. I called poison control as a precaution because of the other drugs and being home alone with the kids. When I found out I'd be fine I wondered if it would help me feel better. ;)

    3. I admit I giggled out loud when you took the dog pill. At least it was for nausea and not a wormer. :)

      I hope you remember these things the next time the kids are sick.