Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Awesomeness

  • Dena making dinner since I had to work late (even thought I was home)
  • The boy playing football outside with his friends
  • Dressing up and attending a Christmas Concert at a beautiful church we'd never been to
  • Spending time with my parents, seeing my eldest & my grandson
  • Movie Night with popcorn on the couch
  • The ex dropping off medicine I was out of
  • Kids helping clean house extensively, including the kitchen cabinets
  • Everyone working together to put up & decorate our Christmas Tree
  • Homemade Sunday dinner of baked chicke, butter beans and pasta
  • Baking Chocolate cake with 2 types of frosting for dessert
  • The boy losing his last baby tooth
I will go back to work tomorrow but at least it will be with a smile. And vacation is coming soon!

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