Thursday, September 15, 2011

That Crazy Thing Called Love

Malakhi is 4 days old and was to come home on Tuesday. Now we hope for Sunday.
Little Man still hasn't got the hang of the whole dinner thing. He won't nurse and is struggling with the bottle. He did pass his hearing test though. His goal is to get 30ml of formula down in 30 minutes (that's like 6 teaspoons) and it seems a lofty goal for him. He got an NG (feeding) tube to make sure he's getting enough nutrition while we wait for the magic lightbulb to come on. Now he'll see a specialist and we will possibly move onto more testing from there to try and figure it all out.

Send us love and light and keep him in your prayers. No matter what you believe. 
We want our Little Man to go home.

His Mommy is still at the hospital 24 hours a day and his Daddy is there as much as he can be (I'm glad he is rising to the challenge even if a bit late and hope he will continue to do so.)
 I've taken vacation to spend my time there. Sadly I feel the need to get back to work but so don't want to leave them up there. I am torn. 
I love him so much...
If only I was retired. 
Or a housewife. 
But I'm not.

We'll see what they have to say and I'll go from there.


  1. L, we are praying for him to be healthy and for all of you through this time. He may be a little behind out of the gate, but he's going to catch up and you'd better have your vitamins ready when he does!
    We love ya, Girl.

  2. Anonymous9/16/2011

    I will light candles and continue to pray for his sweetness.

  3. AHHHHHHHHHHH! FRESH BABY!!!! I love fresh babies!!!!!!! You just wait...he is going to get a hold of that feeding thing and Mom, Dad and Grandma are going to be broke trying to keep up!