Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall. Brought to you by the letter F...

as in Fuckety-Fuck-Fuck-Fuck...I used the pool the week of Hurricane Irene to stay cool. Then I went on vacation. Then I had a grandchild. And it got cold. Too cold to clean the pool properly anyways. So with the lows in the 50's last night my pool is still open. Anyone want to come fore a swim?

I did manage to prep the deck for fall though and thoroughly clean the grill. I can close up the pool in a couple of days as the chemicals take. Those leaves may have to wait to spring but we shall see.

See how I haven't mentioned the baby yet? He stays on my mind and managed to turn things all around and come home Friday! He is doing great and his Mommy is too.

Vacation was cool. The slide was awesome for everyone until it broke 3 days in (BOO!!!) The room was cool but the beds were made of concrete and the ocean was great except for riptides and small craft advisories. We had a great time but will likely not go back to A Place At The Beach. In addition to pool and beach time we hit the aquarium, the maritime museum, went out to eat twice, visited the Fort Macon National Park, cooked out lots, took a boat taxi to a deserted island and rode in an airplane. Good stuff...See?

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  1. Looks like fun, especially the view from the plane. Ahhh, I'm missing sun already!