Monday, July 11, 2011

Awesome Weekend!

We had a great adoption stand and generated quite a bit of interest. I gave out plenty of info but took in no apps Our "main people" could not attend so they got a well deserved break and I got to catch up with friends I haven't seen in awhile. All around good times.

The really awesome part came about by way of my friend Nina who owns Purple Chair Photography  (clicking her name will take you to her blog and clicking her business name will take you to Facebook.) She freakin' rocks in everyday life but when I approached her about a photo shoot for some of our fosters that have been hanging out too long she was willing to step up to meet us at a local park and shoot them for charity. Isn't she awesome!

Here are some of her shots and I HIGHLY recommend booking her for family (or other types of) shoots if you are anywhere near the Richmond Metro Area. We HEART her!

This 1st one is my Polly Pocket...I sent Diamond to another foster home as she was to wild for my youngest and darned if she didn't go right out on a trial run. I am waiting to hear it's final and we have Miss Polly in the meantime. She's awesome w/ the kids, the dogs and doesn't chase cats. She loves the baby pool and bones and would make friends with Miss Piggy if Piggy wasn't such a bitch. ;)
 We've had Brie since she was a little girl and she is great too. She's one of the ones I consider and easy dog. She too gets along with everyone and everything and loves kids...She's the kind of foster you hope for and wonder why doesn't get adopted quickly!

 Sweet Bugs! She will test you to see what she can get away with and I always like that spunk in a girl. Once she knows she follows the rules. She lives with 2 moms that believe in training so she's got the basics, crate, toys and more. She loves everyone too and is a huge fan of snuggling but being a "teen" she has her wild times too. :)
 These 4 toy poodles came in as puppy mill surrenders...Basically the kennel manager was allowed to turn them over to someone who we partner with under the condition of anonymity because she breeds and shows regularly. There are actually 8 of them but only 4 were able to come out Saturday...People like that are why I don't buy dogs. This is Chico!

 Here is Miss Chiquita!
 Finding Nemo sure is a cute little stinker isn't he!
 DiDi has got regal in her veins I tell you. Isn't she cute!
 And My Polly Again!

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  1. Beautiful photos. I know what you mean about the good dogs that just don't get adopted. I have my foster Cassie that is so sweet and cuddly and always a hit at meet & greets but somehow is still here.

    We have come to the decision to adopt 2 of our fosters; one a long-term older guy and a special needs girl. Now I'm adding a puppy foster into the mix. Good god, I'm crazy!