Thursday, May 26, 2011

How much is too much?

I'm trying to figure some of that out as we speak. My Lamb's Ear and Lemon Balm are doing their best to take over my beds and while I love the plants, they need to be thinned out. I'm scared to pull too much but will be taking drastic measures and giving much away to whoever will take it.

Finding my balance is always a challenge and requires me actively checking in...In theory I am like this totally crunchy-granola-mom with no cable, vegetable gardens and a clean, clutter-free home...where everything has it's place and I actually manage to put my shit away.

In reality, I made low-maintenance flower beds so I wouldn't have to work on them much, my vegetables were planted way late and they are in containers on the deck (not because I wanted a container garden, because I didn't have the time or energy to dig up a plot. I have lots of clean laundry piled in my room and I still pay for satellite TV because the uproar it creates when I talk about canceling it hasn't been worth it to me yet.

Recently I was packing to go out of town and my entire closet fell on my head...I don't have a "normal" closet so it wasn't a weight problem but I cursed, swore and vowed to thin out the clothes. I still haven't done it. (I cleaned out the linen closet a yr ago when I put my house on the market and think the towels have been having mad-bunny-sex behind my back. Gotta get back on that.)

And to top it all off I am having MAD FANTASIES about buying a new couch. Perhaps that will be my reward?

"One of Us" doesn't get it...She doesn't own much in terms of junk, is very clean by nature and actually puts things back where she got them...I may, or may not, drive her batshit-crazy on occasion.  ;)

So what's the right answer? I don't know but I'm thinking like 2 weeks of underwear may be reasonable...Since I can't always wear jeans to work a couple pairs should suffice. How many dresses should you own? What about tops? How many t-shirts should one person really own...sigh.

I don't know the answer so feel free to toss yours my way.


  1. My thumb is whatever the exact OPPOSITE of green is!

  2. as long as you can keep your stuff in your closet or your side of the closet, who's counting?

    The best way to cut down on the ground cover is to plant something else in its place. The problem with low maintenance plants is that they tend to take on a life of their own and spread wherever they please. The peppermint someone planted twenty years ago still thinks it owns my back yard, even though I pull out everything I can find.