Friday, April 1, 2011

Where did it go?

I tend to be a bit more than scatterbrained. Each morning, right before I leave the house I go through what has become a bit of an unsatisfying ritual. I say something along the lines of, "where in fuck did I put my keys" and begin a search...I look on the counters, the end tables, the kitchen table, my purse, the last coat I wore and sometimes even in the dirty laundry. Eventually I find them and head out to work. This might not be nearly as amusing to the people I live with if I didn't have a hand-crafted-by-mom key holder to simply hang them up in each day. Does me no good what-so-ever because I don't seem to have the ability to get those keys from the front door to the box I purposefully hung to keep them in...While the folks I live with roll their eyes and laugh help me find my keys each day sometimes it becomes a bone of contention.

Dena has been bitchy this week and in an effort to shut her up find some clean underwear be a sweet, appeasing woman I decided it was time to put away my mountain of clean laundry. Somehow this turned into re-arranging the room a bit as always often happens when I decide to clean a room. In the process I was moving a box...this was a box she had been looking for..."for months" and it was right beside her (literally) the whole time. So I got a lesson about not touching others people's stuff. gentle request to keep my paws to myself.

I went upstairs to pee (and how funny is it that I did, rather than wake the foster affectionately known as Free Willy - we'll save that for another time). Dena was in the shower so I agreed not to flush and went about my business. When she came into the room she pointed out to me that we had talked about that whole paws off thing the span of maybe 15 minutes I  had not only managed to move her towel I had moved her clothes she was to dress in, changed their order, changed the channel on the tv and taken over "her side" of the bed...I mean, really? She was going to work anyway.

I think I may or may not have apologized and acknowledged I have space issues. ;)

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